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Dr. Annie Hale is a Sr. Director at EdPlus, Arizona State University. Annie provides organizational leadership through supportive infrastructures for interdisciplinary research and projects. From a management perspective, Annie works to remove barriers for sharing information and ideas readily. From a development perspective, Annie co-develops meticulously curated and high-quality learning content that is aesthetically appealing, engaging, researchable, and accessible to a broad audience through the principle of "elegantly-designed experiences."

Annie's scholarly research spans various topics, including education for sustainability (EfS), science and technology studies (STS), the use of innovative technologies to improve learning experiences, design from a human-centered approach, and transformations in higher education. Annie's research agenda is intentionally connected to her current projects and morphs as she takes on new endeavors. 

Annie has more than ten years of experience securing grants and philanthropic funding to advance these projects and research. In the last six years alone, she has brought in more than $1.7M in research awards. Before coming to ASU, she worked in the field of architecture as a designer for five years at the influential architecture studio Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill. She is LEED-certified and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from Purdue.

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Education and Research


  • Ph.D. Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, ASU

  • Masters in Science and Technology Policy, ASU

  • Professional Masters of Interior Architecture, UCLA

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability, ASU

Annie’s research interests and daily efforts focus on innovative technologies, strategies, and experiences to improve learning and bolster society’s critical and evaluative consumption of science and technology. Annie’s research spans various categories, such as the social dimensions of sustainability to digital storytelling for online learning experiences. Still, her work always comes back to her overarching research question—How do people construct and understand the world around them, and, in turn, how do those constructs change the way people engage with their world?



It’s all in the Delivery- Weaving Sustainability across Curriculum. 

Meet Dr. Annie Hale as she introduces the Sustainability Science Project@ASU.
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  • Expert in both verbal and written communication

  • Specialist in executing and directing tasks with the ability to quickly pivot—flexible

  • Proficient at cultivating high-value lasting partnerships

  • Adept at building high performing interdisciplinary teams

  • Skilled at identifying and developing talent

  • Creating and executing marketing and PR strategies

  • Highly skilled in navigating complex systems and projects

  • Specializes in conducting and writing multi-method/qualitative publishable research

  • Executes quality university teaching through non-traditional pedagogies (hybrid, online, and in-person: PBL, guided instruction, & problem-solving); 2012-present high teaching evaluation scores

  • Knowledge expert who enjoys crafting/teaching unique university courses in Science & Technology Studies, Sustainability, and Social Dimensions of Sustainability

  • Brilliant at working effectively with C-suite leaders, foreign dignitaries, local/global leaders, academia, business, & government.

  • Experienced at directing major annual events

  • Talented in grant and philanthropic project visioning, budgeting, and writing

  • Expert at translating complex concepts (such as S&T + sustainability) for general audiences does so with clear text and easy to follow visually cued multimedia

  • Positive, upbeat, firm and fair colleague/supervisor

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Leadership and Program Development 

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Scholarly Publications 


University Teaching 


"If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done"

Thomas Jefferson

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